A new Confederation argument


Our citizens in Halifax, and fellow colonists in Nova Scotia, who will not be frightened into Confederation, are now, it appears, to be beaten into it by any bludgeon carrier whom Dr. Tupper may declare “The most respectable and intelligent in the city” because he belongs to the Union League. The Union procession on Thursday night was believed to be intended as an intimidation to the opponents of Confederation, and we now learn that a most respectable, inoffensive officer of the corporation was beaten in a most cowardly brutal manner by one of the most active agents of the League, that night. Mr. Craigen, a gentleman widely respected in this community was beaten so badly by Mr. William Townshend, that he cannot move from his house. Had any of the young men in the street that night, struck a blow, Mr. Townsend would have been loud against the act. But it is such as he who actively promote these political processions in displays, and then disgrace their cause by rowdyism that deserve reprobation. We tell the Union League that they will go down before the force of public opinion if their agents are thus to break the law and draw blood in the interests of Confederation. We do not envy the feelings of his Worship the Mayor who lent himself and his Civic dignity to a political demonstration, and who took a place he should have left to the chairman of the League, when learning that the demonstration led to a breach of the peace, and the injury of a valued officer of the Corporation. Had the city of Halifax no more taxpayers than those whose political misrepresentations he read out in the Hall, neither the honor nor the salary would have been worth His Worship’s notice.

Halifax Citizen, April 15, 1865. Page 1 Column 7. https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=D90uR9ClOh8C&dat=18650415&printsec=frontpage&hl=en