A history and geography of Nova Scotia

“Dartmouth, which was settled in the year after the founding of Halifax, suffered most from the [Mi’kmaq]. Six men belonging to this place were attacked whilst cutting wood in the forest; four of them were killed and scalped, and one was taken prisoner. A few months afterwards, the [Mi’kmaq], having crept upon the settlement during the night, killed and scalped several of the panic stricken inhabitants. The screams of the terrified women and children were heard across the harbour in Halifax. The governor and council, unwisely adopting the barbarous custom of the [Mi’kmaq], offered large rewards for [indigenous] prisoners and [indigenous] scalps.”

“Dartmouth (4300) is about a mile from Halifax, on the opposite side of the harbour. It has various manufactures, among them are hempen rope and skates of superior quality. Near the town is the Provincial Lunatic Asylum.”

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