From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin:

The Dominion decennial census of 1911 gave Dartmouth’s population at 5,058. In February of that year, two-roomed Victoria School was opened at the southeast corner of Wyse Road and Common Road. The new ferry-steamer “Halifax” was launched in Scotland. Daniel Brennan commenced the first automobile-bus service around Dartmouth and also ran trips to Cow Bay Beach. In a short time, he abandoned the venture. Many Dartmouthians saw their first airship flights at the Provincial Exhibition. Sir Wilfrid Laurier campaigned in Halifax for the Dominion elections. The big issue was reciprocity with the United States, and the result was a victory for the Conservative party, led by Robert L. Borden, the representative for Halifax County in the House of Commons.

More permanent sidewalks were laid in Dartmouth that year. The dates of construction are still indicated by brass figures embedded at our various street corners. Road racing continued in vogue, with Dartmouth boys making their usual creditable showing at the contests in Halifax. President Stanley MacKenzie of Dalhousie University, a former Dartmouth resident, presented the annual prizes at Greenvale School. Dartmouth firemen assisted at an all-night conflagration of the King Edward Hotel in Halifax. The Dartmouth Board of Trade took advantage of the change of Government, and renewed their requests to Ottawa for the construction of permanent bridge across the Narrows. The steam-yacht “Hirondelle” equipped with wireless telegraphy, sent out a musical program over the air, from her anchorage in Halifax harbor.

This is the Dartmouth Axe and Ladder Company running team taken during “Old Home Week.” celebrations at Yarmouth in July 1911. Out of ten teams contesting” in the hook and ladder race, the Dartmouth group were only one fifth of a second behind the winning team from New Aberdeen. Back row, left to right: Alexander (Sandy) Patterson, William Chapman, Arthur Bonang, James Baker, Richard Walsh. Front row, left to right: Douglas Patterson, Martin Murphy, Harry Young, Clarence Short, Fire Chief Trefry of Yarmouth, Arthur Emery.