From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin:

A volunteer company of the Dartmouth Rifles with David Falconer as Captain, was organized early in 1860. A month afterwards the Dartmouth Engineers were formed. The first Captain was Richard Hartshorne. These volunteers took part in the reception to the Prince of Wales in July, and were also among the guard of honor on the royal train from Halifax to Truro.

Upon the Prince’s arrival, the ferry “MicMac” conveyed a crowd outside the harbor to greet the royal squadron. At the Grand Parade Halifax and Dartmouth school children sang the National Anthem as the Prince reached that point. The late Mrs. Thomas Harrison of Cole Harbor Road, and Judge Russell were in the group.

In August the six-masted cable steamer, “Great Eastern” anchored in the harbor for a day or two, was another sight that greeted our ancestors. Some of them may have been aboard the excursion-ferry “MicMac” when she collided with a small boat near the big ship, and caused the drowning of two children.

The first gold discovery was made at Tangier in 1860. In the succeeding months hundreds of adventurers hastened thither by land and by sea.

In December at the Mechanics’ Institute a bazaar was advertised to be held by Sisters of Charity of St. Peter’s School. Names of the committee included several well-known families. They were raising funds to erect a schoolhouse, “for the education of females.”

Real Estate notice for a Bell property, From: “Acadian Recorder – Oct 13, 1860” https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=QtgHAAAAIBAJ&sjid=ohEDAAAAIBAJ&pg=4602%2C33424