From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin:

In 1811 John Prescott, probably a brother of Samuel at the Woodside brickyard, purchased Maroon Hall. He called the place Mount Cleverley after the maiden name of his wife.

For the year 1811, Lawrence Hartshorne was Surveyor of Highways for Dartmouth town-plot; and Robert Day was Constable.

Marriages that year at St. Paul’s included that of John D. Hawthorne to Miss Mary Story daughter of Marshal Story.

And at Preston in July, Miss Elizabeth Chamberlain, daughter of Theophilus, to William N. Silver of Halifax.

In October occurred the deaths at Dartmouth of Mrs. Miriam Meagher in her 60th year, relict of the late Captain Meagher; and of William Mills aged 32.