“Deer in the Headlights” Savage

So disconnected from the urban that he still hasn’t realized the illegitimate municipal construct that he heads up, that his father installed as Premier after dissolving the previously legitimate municipal units of Dartmouth Halifax and Bedford – by fiat and by breaking his promise to voters – is bad for the people of the region.

The location of hospitals, the announcements for highway funding, “housing dollars” for lawns and fences, all examples of the perversion of our once fine cities for provincial (or federal – hey MP Darren Fisher) political gain.

And our feeble weak mayor system “Mayor” looks on, contemplative, “concerned” about the two hour bus ride to the new health clinic for the serfs of illegitimate HRM, a ride he’s never once taken in his life, a situation that likely won’t be changing any time soon – and anyway, illegitimate HRM has no transport powers in its charter and even if it did would exert no control over the public transport fiefdom of Halifax transit.

It would be a laughable situation if we didn’t love Dartmouth so much. It’s a shame to see Dartmouth sliding deeper and deeper into the toxic sludge of corruption and incompetence, by design, that is #IllegitimateHRM.



Dartmouth For Life