Punamu’kwati’jk: Salmon Place

From “Encounters with tall sails and tall tales: Mi’kmaq society, 1500-1760”

No mention of Punamu’kwati’jk here (sometimes spelled Ponamogoatitjg, pronounced “Boon-a-mog-waddy”, Dartmouth), but many interesting details on the Mi’kmaq settlements of Sipekne’katik (later Halifax and Hants counties), as well as the first census of K’jipuktuk (Chibouctou – Halifax), conducted in 1687.

One man, one woman, one male child – 7 Mi’kmaq men, 7 Mi’kmaq women, and 19 Mi’kmaq children, 36 souls in total.
One house, 7 Mi’kmaq cabins, 3 guns, one-half acre of improved land.

“Encounters with tall sails and tall tales: Mi’kmaq society, 1500-1760”
William Wicken

“Recensement général du pays de la Cadie (General census of the country of Cadie)”

(The author is undoubtedly de Gargas, who goes into considerable detail, naming 49 places, giving a list of each town and village in Acadie, and under more minute headings than the Census of Meulles. Seven folio leaves from 1685-1686, written on both sides)

“Mi’kmaq Treaties on Trial: History, Land, and Donald Marshall Junior”
William Wicken
https://books.google.ca/books… (page 174)

Map: Circa 16??