Subversion of the Constitution of Nova Scotia

“Subversion of the Constitution of Nova Scotia”“A fraud upon the Imperial Parliament” Nova Scotia’s third attempt to try and redress the slavery and serfdom that was “confederation” – Dartmouth being central to the effort to repeal Confederation. What happened to Nova Scotia in the context of Canada is exactly what …(Read More)

Dying in Darkness

He’s right, you know. And all the gaslighting in the world won’t shake our firmly held belief that local self government is what gives security and dignity, recognition of a free state. We won’t let it slide ✊♥️

Jake Sanford

#Dartmouth outfielder Jake Sanford has been selected in the 3rd round, 105th overall in the #MLBDraft by the New York Yankees. That’s the highest a Nova Scotian has ever gone in MLB Draft history! Jake Sanford makes me Dartmouth proud, how about you? ♥️⚾💪

“The community”

“Deputy Mayor Tony Mancini said the Dartmouth North Library in his district has had a huge impact on the community” Which community is that, deputy mayor tony? The banking community? Dartmouth North Library was the last piece of infrastructure the City of Dartmouth built, opened one week before a municipal …(Read More)