“Have Not Province”

Nova Scotia raises $7.2B in tax every year.
Nova Scotia pays $7.6B in tax every year to Ottawa.
Nova Scotia has a budget of $10.8B, while raising $14.8B.

Have not province? Or, serf & slave to Canada?

Nova Scotia is often described by Canadians as a taker.
Really, what kind of federation are you running here, Canada?

Is Oregon a taker too? How about Texas?

24 states receive more in Fed revenues (32%) than Nova Scotia. We’ve lost our Senate, our Cities, our School Boards, our Health Boards, all under the guise of finances, for what? To satiate Canadian sociopathy?

6 states have less people than Nova Scotia (Alaska, Delaware, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming), plus the District of Washington DC.

13 States have a lower population density than Nova Scotia (Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming)

Nova Scotia is clearly in the wrong Federation as a small state. Joseph Howe was right, Canada’s the worst thing to have ever happened to us.

Revenue, expenditure and budgetary balance – General governments, provincial and territorial economic accounts (x 1M)

Distribution of Federal Revenues and Expenditures by Province

Nova Scotia Budget 2018

Canada’s Corporations pay less tax than you think.

The speeches and public letters of Joseph Howe (Vol. 2)