Universal Sufferage in Canada, and the Dartmouth Connection

Did you know that the beginning of the right to vote for women in Nova Scotia started in the Town of Dartmouth in 1886? If you rely on the Province of Nova Scotia to inform you, you will find not one mention of Dartmouth’s trailblazing status https://nslegislature.ca/about/history/women-in-nova-scotia-politics, perhaps because their …

Stolen City

Dartmouth, the City of Lakes. I miss that more than you know, having lived here all my life. Unfortunately, my city was stolen from me and 70,000 others without so much as a non-binding plebiscite. A forced, dictatorial, city-county amalgamation was inflicted on hundreds of thousands of citizens, not in …

Police force or occupying force?

When we had legitimate municipal governance in Dartmouth, when we had our own Police force made up of people from the community, we had the power to set our own priorities. Of course, that is not the case anymore. Now we have Illegitimate HRM and Halifax Regional Police, “Partners in …


Taxation without representation

Amalgamated? You mean a municipal coup. Without consent, amalgamation is just a bloodless coup. Is, not was.

A coup of local government is a violent act – one that is reinflicted every day by every MLA, by every councillor who does not speak up.

With every new added legislative insult upon the senses, with every democratic check & balance dissolved, with every attempted legitimization of an illegitimate body created without consent, from anyone.

Fiefs elected, mostly not, continue to pretend this municipal coup was a legitimate political act. It was NOT.

It will never be forgotten because it continues. Because the corruption and attempted legitimization continues, unbounded from evidence based decision making like the container it inhabits. Corrupt in its incarnation, intent, and actions.

Halifax Regional Municipality, its very DNA, from the top down; an insult to everything cities are supposed to be about. Nova Scotia invites the most indignant contempt, and it will get it.

This imposition must not stand, it will not stand. Illegitimate HRM will be resisted at every opportunity, FOREVER.

Amalgamation: The Road to Serfdom

Andrew Sancton in Merger Mania credits Britain in the late 1950s with the dawn of local government reform among liberal democracies. More than one royal commission (Report of the Royal Commission on Local Government in Greater London, 1957-60 – also known as the Herbert Report, and Radcliffe-Maud a decade later …