Maps of Acadia, Dartmouth connections

The National Library of France has an impressive selection of maps of Acadia from the 17th and 18th centuries – one thing found in common across several of these maps is that the original French settlement of “Chibouctou” is shown on the Eastern side of the harbor. It looks like …(Read More)

Punamu’kwati’jk: Salmon Place

Since time immemorial it has been the Mi’kmaq people who have inhabited these lands, for at least 11,000 years if we are to base settlement on radiocarbon dating and archaeological remains (such as the site near Debert). No discussion on the deinstitutionalization of Dartmouth can occur without recognition of, without …(Read More)

Halifax Explosion: Dartmouth Impacts

The following is from the definitive Dartmouth digest, ‘The Story of Dartmouth’ by Dr. John P. Martin On the morning of Thursday, December 6th, 1917, a munitions ship named the “Mont Blanc” steamed up from the harbor mouth where she had anchored overnight. Her murderous cargo consisted of deadly TNT, …(Read More)