“I ❤️ Dartmouth”

The Dartmouth Library on Highfield Park Drive was the last piece of municipal infrastructure the City of #Dartmouth built, opened March 22, 1996. A project completed by the City of Dartmouth for Dartmouthians, just one week before a municipal coup perpetrated by the Province of Nova Scotia that saw our infrastructure seized …(Read More)

Inherently White Supremacist Construct, HRM

A Bruce MacKinnon cartoon based on this story, that Halifax’s lawyer was using a free speech provision to protect an employee harassing a person of color with racist remarks among other things. https://humanrights.novascotia.ca/sites/default/files/editor-uploads/yz_v_hrm_march_2018.pdf https://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/lawyer-slams-hrms-freedom-of-speech-defence-for-racial-abuse/Content?oid=15084421 More broadly, amalgamation was a way to prevent Preston and other minority communities from incorporating, all …(Read More)

Center (of corruption) Plan

So sad to see the city loved by so many now just a disenfranchised suburb of a monolithic blob, servicing corporate interests to the exclusion of everyone else all the while pretending through PR efforts full of leading questions that they are ‘engaging’. Like this document, so disconnected from the …(Read More)

The land across from Halifax…

“…the land across from Halifax, which the Mi’kmaq called Ponamogoatitjg, or salmon place, the English called ‘Dartmouth,’ in honor of the Earl of Dartmouth…In naming the landscape, the settlers were establishing their claim to it and identifying the land with their English past rather than its Mi’kmaq one.Renaming the landscape …(Read More)

In The Weeds: Update 2

A familiar situation for Dartmouthians, thanks to Nova Scotia’s “Department of the environment” (aka rubber stamp machine) https://www.thechronicleherald.ca/novascotia/1496909-cn-abandons-herbicide-spray-plan-after-public-concern/?fbclid=IwAR2DxgQU1TxqhyviLV9ppiNeq6v1p43H7t9ZUQBD4gu5Z61VbQFXQPfS8gs

In the Weeds

The active transport trail all along the Dartmouth waterfront, also home to a train line, will soon be drenched in glyphosate to prevent “weeds”. Who made the decision that it’s appropriate for a well known carcinogen to be sprayed right alongside (and likely into) Downtown Dartmouth residential areas, adjacent yards …(Read More)