“Have Not Province”

Nova Scotia raises $7.2B in tax every year.Nova Scotia pays $7.6B in tax every year to Ottawa.Nova Scotia has a budget of $10.8B, while raising $14.8B. Have not province? Or, serf & slave to Canada? Nova Scotia is often described by Canadians as a taker.Really, what kind of federation are you …(Read More)


Have a look at the “Municipal History Highlights” care of the Province of Nova Scotia, you’ll notice something peculiar: https://novascotia.ca/dma/government/history.asp “1879: The first extensive creation of local government came from the County Incorporation Act. This Act established 24 rural municipalities on the basis of boundaries used by the sessions, essentially for …(Read More)

Feeling Salty

“Celebrate our cities” in New Brunswick, home to eight cities.Moncton, Dieppe, Fredericton, Saint John, Edmundston, Campbellton, Bathurst and Miramichihttps://www.tourismnewbrunswick.ca/See/Cities.aspx Prince Edward Island has 2 cities, Charlottetown and Summerside, and clear rules as to who may form a city.“Under the province’s Municipal Government Act, a municipality may incorporate as a city …(Read More)

Contemptuous Dotards

Contemptuous dotards ‘mayor’ Mike Savage and ‘mp’ Darren Fisher are currently celebrating a City that no longer exists. Pretending it still exists. Where is our Council?Where are the Trustees for our Commons?Why are the assets our progenitors worked so hard for under someone else’s control and always in danger of …(Read More)

Municipal Affairs

James Vaughan, President of the Halifax Homeowners Association, called for a plebiscite to be held on the matter of the proposed amalgamation. Council authorized a letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs to advise that Halifax City Council was prepared to conduct a plebiscite on amalgamation providing the Province was …(Read More)

Of Municipalities (The Municipal Governance Act)

Of Municipalities (The Municipal Governance Act of), 1873 c57 p89 Page 307 http://0-nsleg-edeposit.gov.ns.ca.legcat.gov.ns.ca/deposit/Statutes/RSNS/R-1873.pdf “…Nothing shall abridge, limit or defeat…Any rights, powers, privileges, jurisdiction…of the Town of Dartmouth…during any future sitting of the Legislature”

Dillon on Municipal Corporations

“The name of an incorporated place may be changed, its boundaries enlarged or diminished, and its mode of government altered, and yet the corporation not be dissolved, but in law remain the same” “Where the functions of an old corporation are superseded, or where the corporation, by loss of all …(Read More)

Dartmouth is more than just the embodiment of logos and signs

Amalgamation was not about joining Dartmouth, Halifax, Bedford and Halifax County. That’s a nice story, but it’s far more sinister than that. Amalgamation dissolved every asset, every legal authority, every democratic right and body accumulated over centuries in favor a new body; a new container, with only those assets, powers …(Read More)

1873: An Act to Incorporate the Town of Dartmouth

Some Highlights: *Checks & Balances: Two Councillors for each ward* (Chapter 3)Dartmouth shall be a corporation consisting of three wards.Dartmouth shall be governed by a council, consisting of a Warden and six Councillors (two for each ward). *Checks & Balances: Quasi-term limits, staggered terms: Wardens had a One year term, …(Read More)

Annexation or Amalgamation?

Whats’ the difference between an annexation, an amalgamation, and a municipal coup? Municipal annexation is when a municipality expands its boundaries into adjacent areas not already incorporated into a municipality. This means there would be no pre-existing city or town with mayor, no “government” to displace. This is achieved and …(Read More)

City of Dartmouth: Auditor’s Report

“In our opinion these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Corporation of the City of Dartmouth as at March 31, 1996 and the results of its operations and the changes in its capital position for the year then ended in accordance with generally …(Read More)

Queen v. Town Council of Dartmouth

A mandamus was applied for, at the Instance of the Sessions for the County of Halifax, to compel the Warden and Council of the Town of Dartmouth to assess on the property of the town liable for assessment the sum of $15,076 for its proportion of County School Rates for …(Read More)

Destroying Imperialist Talking Points

“New York was amalgamated”No. New York City was created through a city county merger in 1898, with consent of its parts through a plebiscite.Each borough retains a Borough president, a Borough Council, there’s a Council of the whole and a Mayor, and dozens of Community Councils, as well as a …(Read More)

Dartmouth: Stolen City, Stolen Promise

Dartmouth, the City of Lakes. I miss that more than you know, having lived here all my life. Unfortunately, my city was stolen from me and 70,000 others without so much as a non-binding plebiscite. A forced, dictatorial, city-county amalgamation was inflicted on hundreds of thousands of citizens, not in …(Read More)

Amalgamation or Municipal Coup?

In 1996, the Province of Nova Scotia undertook an amalgamation of the cities of Halifax and Dartmouth, the town of Bedford, and Halifax county – jurisdictions that in 1996 held 36% of the Province’s population and 45% of the province’s GDP (Nova Scotia Statistical Review, 2000) to create the Halifax …(Read More)