Maps of Acadia, Dartmouth connections

The National Library of France has an impressive selection of maps of Acadia from the 17th and 18th centuries – one thing found in common across several of these maps is that the original French settlement of “Chibouctou” is shown on the Eastern side of the harbor. It looks like …(Read More)

Old Ferry Road

Here is one of, if not the earliest plan available showing Old Ferry Road, which became the Lawrencetown Road. Now, Old Ferry Road, Portland Street and Cole Harbour Road.These surveys offer a lot of information and they’re surprisingly accurate!

The Opposite Shore Called Dartmouth

Part of the Town & Harbour of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Looking down George Street to the Opposite Shore Called Dartmouth (1759, Mason, James, 1710-c.1783) One distinct record from the year of 1759 survives:“Mrs. Mary Clark, whose house and garden stood at the southeast corner of the present Portland …(Read More)

Crown Land Grant Records

Crown Land Grants are an invaluable historical resource, and you can learn a lot about how Dartmouth developed by following the patterns from the subdivision of these tracts. The map itself is a 1940s era base-map and so you’ll see the original configuration of many once rural now suburban …(Read More)

Green Lane

This is the lower part of Old Ferry Road, once known as “Green Lane”. The curve in the foreground leads to the Old Ferry Wharf, in the background is the hill to Pleasant Street and Portland Street. The fence on the left enclosed the South End Lawn Tennis Courts, and …(Read More)