Community Policing?

When we had legitimate municipal governance in Dartmouth, when we had our own Police force made up of people from the community, we had the power to set our own priorities.Of course, that is not the case anymore. Now we have #IllegitimateHRM and Halifax Regional Police, “Partners in Policing”, simply a front …(Read More)

Metropolitan Status

Quebec gets the importance of legitimate municipal governance. Is there any hope Nova Scotia ever will? No, and here’s why – legitimate municipal governance encourages progressive politics. Province house and the 51 fiefs within don’t want anyone else at their party. Especially municipal politicians (and the “citizens” of those jurisdictions …(Read More)

Food Trucks

Dartmouth could certainly accommodate much more in the way of food trucks! Mmm 🙂 “Regulations can also incorporate strategies that steer food trucks to underserved areas of a city to address equity concerns, encourage economic development and alleviate food deserts… Food trucks are great things for communities; they provide more ‘eyes …(Read More)


“Celebrate our cities” in New Brunswick, home to eight cities. Moncton, Dieppe, Fredericton, Saint John, Edmundston, Campbellton, Bathurst and Miramichi Prince Edward Island has 2 cities, Charlottetown and Summerside, and clear rules as to who may form a city. “Under the province’s Municipal Government Act, a municipality may incorporate …(Read More)

Bludgeoned by Lean-In Questions

Illegitimate municipality, created by fiat without even a non-binding plebiscite, wants input on accountability 😂 Legitimate municipal governments are inherently accountable.Illegitimate municipal governments, like illegitimate HRM, need to create an illusion of accountability. Exhibit A: “Tell us what you think” within these parameters we have already set, a slow walk to …(Read More)

The Annex

Remember that time Dartmouthians got so fed up with the substandard ferry service offered by Haligonians, they charted their own course, and organized a committee that started a rebel ferry service? Deamalgamate Dartmouth does. A service that became so popular that the Haligonian run service was abandoned in favor of …(Read More)

Franchise granted for (landowning) women

Dartmouth, the birthplace of the franchise for women in municipal politics in Nova Scotia, in 1886…as long as you were a ratepayer… “The first move towards procuring women’s suffrage in Nova Scotia was taken by the Town of Dartmouth in 1886 when they got an Act through the Provincial Legislature …(Read More)