Subversion of the Constitution of Nova Scotia

“Subversion of the Constitution of Nova Scotia”“A fraud upon the Imperial Parliament” Nova Scotia’s third attempt to try and redress the slavery and serfdom that was “confederation” – Dartmouth being central to the effort to repeal Confederation. What happened to Nova Scotia in the context of Canada is exactly what …(Read More)

Laurence V. Patterson

Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Meager J in 1900, in regards to Dillon on Municipalities; utilizing American case law in regards to Nova Scotian municipalities, noting the parallels between the municipal situations in both jurisdictions (and their differences as constituted through their particular charters, enabling legislation) Cases Argued and Determined …(Read More)

Universal Sufferage in Canada, and the Dartmouth Connection

Did you know that the beginning of the right to vote for women in Nova Scotia started in the Town of Dartmouth in 1886? If you rely on the Province of Nova Scotia to inform you, you will find not one mention of Dartmouth’s trailblazing status (, perhaps because their …(Read More)

Municipal Federations

Municipal governance is provided for $1384 per person on average within Metro Vancouver. Halifax County/HRM you ask? $2048 per person.How can anyone pretend the status quo is preferable?—Metro Vancouver is a regional government, a political body and corporate entity operating under provincial legislation as a ‘regional district’ that delivers regional …(Read More)