Of Municipalities (The Municipal Governance Act)

Of Municipalities (The Municipal Governance Act of), 1873 c57 p89 Page 307 http://0-nsleg-edeposit.gov.ns.ca.legcat.gov.ns.ca/deposit/Statutes/RSNS/R-1873.pdf “…Nothing shall abridge, limit or defeat…Any rights, powers, privileges, jurisdiction…of the Town of Dartmouth…during any future sitting of the Legislature”

Dillon on Municipal Corporations

“The name of an incorporated place may be changed, its boundaries enlarged or diminished, and its mode of government altered, and yet the corporation not be dissolved, but in law remain the same” “Where the functions of an old corporation are superseded, or where the corporation, by loss of all …(Read More)

Petition from Nova Scotia, February 8th, 1776

To His Excellency George Washington, Esq, Generalissimo of the Army of the Twelve United Colonies of America. May it please your Excellency:The liberty we take in addressing a person of so exalted a rank will, we presume, be fully pardoned when you perceive the occasion of it. The inhabitants of …(Read More)

Dartmouth in the Legislature 1757-1867

Dartmouth has a long legislative history, more than 110 years before Confederation. Several bills specify “Dartmouth Town”, “Dartmouth Township” or the “Dartmouth Town Plot” long before it was incorporated as such (Nova Scotia actively dissuaded local self government for much of its early colonial history.) Dartmouth’s first record of township …(Read More)

1873: An Act to Incorporate the Town of Dartmouth

Some Highlights: *Checks & Balances: Two Councillors for each ward* (Chapter 3)Dartmouth shall be a corporation consisting of three wards.Dartmouth shall be governed by a council, consisting of a Warden and six Councillors (two for each ward). *Checks & Balances: Quasi-term limits, staggered terms: Wardens had a One year term, …(Read More)

City of Dartmouth: Auditor’s Report

“In our opinion these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Corporation of the City of Dartmouth as at March 31, 1996 and the results of its operations and the changes in its capital position for the year then ended in accordance with generally …(Read More)

Queen v. Town Council of Dartmouth

A mandamus was applied for, at the Instance of the Sessions for the County of Halifax, to compel the Warden and Council of the Town of Dartmouth to assess on the property of the town liable for assessment the sum of $15,076 for its proportion of County School Rates for …(Read More)


Town of Annapolis Royal, Population 491.Town of Lockeport, Population 531.Town of Mulgrave, Population 722.Town of Clark’s Harbour, Population 758. Amherst, Antigonish, Berwick, Bridgewater, Digby, Kentville, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Middleton, New Glasgow, Oxford, Pictou, Port Hawkesbury, Shelburne, Stellarton, Stewiacke, Trenton, Truro, Westville, Windsor, Wolfville and Yarmouth. 97,495 people in all, in …(Read More)


“For communities that consolidated services, overall expenditures increased in some circumstances and expenditure reductions were only associated with one service: capacity management.” From: “A longitudinal analysis of the effects of service consolidation on local government expenditures”, Craig S Maher, Public Administration Quarterly Vol. 39, No. 3 (FALL 2015), pp. 393-425

File under Dictatorship

“The removal of one’s ‘own’ municipality can be hard to accept, especially if this region does not seem to be facing any immediate economic threats and the merger is justified only by using vague arguments such as abstract neo-liberal rhetoric of competitiveness. Under these circumstances defensive resistance movements emerge.” “When …(Read More)