Dartmouth’s Legislative History

1758-1800: https://nslegislature.ca/sites/default/files/pdfs/proceedings/ipla_1758-1900.pdf Dartmouth Town, Act to enable the inhabitants of the Town Plot to use and occupy the common field as they may think fit, 1789 c6(see P&L Acts of 1851, page 128) To extend Act respecting Guns and Firearms to (Dartmouth), 1793 c12 To appoint Trustees for the (Dartmouth) …(Read More)

Universal Sufferage in Canada, and the Dartmouth Connection

Did you know that the beginning of the right to vote for women in Nova Scotia started in the Town of Dartmouth in 1886? If you rely on the Province of Nova Scotia to inform you, you will find not one mention of Dartmouth’s trailblazing status (https://nslegislature.ca/about/history/women-in-nova-scotia-politics), perhaps because their …(Read More)

Franchise granted for (landowning) women

Dartmouth, the birthplace of the franchise for women in municipal politics in Nova Scotia, in 1886…as long as you were a ratepayer… “The first move towards procuring women’s suffrage in Nova Scotia was taken by the Town of Dartmouth in 1886 when they got an Act through the Provincial Legislature …(Read More)