“I ❤️ Dartmouth”

The Dartmouth Library on Highfield Park Drive was the last piece of municipal infrastructure the City of #Dartmouth built, opened March 22, 1996. A project completed by the City of Dartmouth for Dartmouthians, just one week before a municipal coup perpetrated by the Province of Nova Scotia that saw our infrastructure seized …(Read More)

Inherently White Supremacist Construct, HRM

A Bruce MacKinnon cartoon based on this story, that Halifax’s lawyer was using a free speech provision to protect an employee harassing a person of color with racist remarks among other things. https://humanrights.novascotia.ca/sites/default/files/editor-uploads/yz_v_hrm_march_2018.pdf https://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/lawyer-slams-hrms-freedom-of-speech-defence-for-racial-abuse/Content?oid=15084421 More broadly, amalgamation was a way to prevent Preston and other minority communities from incorporating, all …(Read More)

The Avenue

The following excerpts are from “Survival of an African Nova Scotian Community: Up the Avenue, Revisited” by Adrienne Lucas Sehatzadeh, 1998. An incredible resource of the Black history of Dartmouth that is certainly worth your time to read. “The part of Crichton Avenue above Lyngby Avenue is the area where …(Read More)

Redlining: With a Neoliberal Twist

Redlining, with a twist. Redlining, achieved thanks to the help of freeways that cut through the heart of a community. Could’ve been written about Dartmouth and our beltway, the 111, now used to keep certain neighborhoods segregated from others (North End Dartmouth from Dartmouth Crossing, Gaston Road from Baker Drive). …(Read More)

Food Trucks

Dartmouth could certainly accommodate much more in the way of food trucks! Mmm 🙂 “Regulations can also incorporate strategies that steer food trucks to underserved areas of a city to address equity concerns, encourage economic development and alleviate food deserts… Food trucks are great things for communities; they provide more ‘eyes …(Read More)

Exclusionary Development Practices Abound

$100 Million from the province and the Federal government for a Burnside expressway that will bring tens of thousands more cars per day in and out of Dartmouth. $0 for any active transit connections over the 111, a freeway that cuts through the heart of Dartmouth and has but four …(Read More)

Sprawl costs us all

Dartmouth needs to do more to ensure that development shifts from the periphery to the center, and not just for fiscal reasons as seen below. Preservationists need to ensure that future infill development respects the existing neighborhood. Urbanists need to ensure that as housing demand increases inside the beltway, affordable …(Read More)

Franchise granted for (landowning) women

Dartmouth, the birthplace of the franchise for women in municipal politics in Nova Scotia, in 1886…as long as you were a ratepayer… “The first move towards procuring women’s suffrage in Nova Scotia was taken by the Town of Dartmouth in 1886 when they got an Act through the Provincial Legislature …(Read More)

Sprawl Central

Here is just some of the sprawl Dartmouth now subsidizes, outside the white lines of our city limits.The bright red represents construction from 2010-2016, deeper red is 2000-2010 – post amalgamation growth. There’s a reason Dartmouth stayed afloat as a municipality. We were relatively well planned, and spatially a relatively …(Read More)