“Have Not Province”

Nova Scotia raises $7.2B in tax every year.Nova Scotia pays $7.6B in tax every year to Ottawa.Nova Scotia has a budget of $10.8B, while raising $14.8B. Have not province? Or, serf & slave to Canada? Nova Scotia is often described by Canadians as a taker.Really, what kind of federation are you …(Read More)

Of Municipalities (The Municipal Governance Act)

Of Municipalities (The Municipal Governance Act of), 1873 c57 p89 Page 307 http://0-nsleg-edeposit.gov.ns.ca.legcat.gov.ns.ca/deposit/Statutes/RSNS/R-1873.pdf “…Nothing shall abridge, limit or defeat…Any rights, powers, privileges, jurisdiction…of the Town of Dartmouth…during any future sitting of the Legislature”

Dillon on Municipal Corporations

“The name of an incorporated place may be changed, its boundaries enlarged or diminished, and its mode of government altered, and yet the corporation not be dissolved, but in law remain the same” “Where the functions of an old corporation are superseded, or where the corporation, by loss of all …(Read More)

Petition from Nova Scotia, February 8th, 1776

To His Excellency George Washington, Esq, Generalissimo of the Army of the Twelve United Colonies of America. May it please your Excellency:The liberty we take in addressing a person of so exalted a rank will, we presume, be fully pardoned when you perceive the occasion of it. The inhabitants of …(Read More)

Maps of Acadia, Dartmouth connections

The National Library of France has an impressive selection of maps of Acadia from the 17th and 18th centuries – one thing found in common across several of these maps is that the original French settlement of “Chibouctou” is shown on the Eastern side of the harbor. It looks like …(Read More)

Constitutional Framework: Reference Points

“The constitution” “unconstitutional”. Talking about these can easily turn one into a conspiracy theorist in the eyes of others, what is Nova Scotia’s constitutional framework? People typically think of the Constitution Act of 1982 aka the Charter (http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/Const/page-15.html#h-38) Or the BNA Act of 1867 (http://www.justice.gc.ca/…/constit…/lawreg-loireg/p1t11.html), but many do not consider …(Read More)

Dartmouth in the Legislature 1757-1867

Dartmouth has a long legislative history, more than 110 years before Confederation. Several bills specify “Dartmouth Town”, “Dartmouth Township” or the “Dartmouth Town Plot” long before it was incorporated as such (Nova Scotia actively dissuaded local self government for much of its early colonial history.) Dartmouth’s first record of township …(Read More)

1873: An Act to Incorporate the Town of Dartmouth

Some Highlights: *Checks & Balances: Two Councillors for each ward* (Chapter 3)Dartmouth shall be a corporation consisting of three wards.Dartmouth shall be governed by a council, consisting of a Warden and six Councillors (two for each ward). *Checks & Balances: Quasi-term limits, staggered terms: Wardens had a One year term, …(Read More)

Queen v. Town Council of Dartmouth

A mandamus was applied for, at the Instance of the Sessions for the County of Halifax, to compel the Warden and Council of the Town of Dartmouth to assess on the property of the town liable for assessment the sum of $15,076 for its proportion of County School Rates for …(Read More)