“Have Not Province”

Nova Scotia raises $7.2B in tax every year.Nova Scotia pays $7.6B in tax every year to Ottawa.Nova Scotia has a budget of $10.8B, while raising $14.8B. Have not province? Or, serf & slave to Canada? Nova Scotia is often described by Canadians as a taker.Really, what kind of federation are you …(Read More)


Have a look at the “Municipal History Highlights” care of the Province of Nova Scotia, you’ll notice something peculiar: https://novascotia.ca/dma/government/history.asp “1879: The first extensive creation of local government came from the County Incorporation Act. This Act established 24 rural municipalities on the basis of boundaries used by the sessions, essentially for …(Read More)

“I ❤️ Dartmouth”

The Dartmouth Library on Highfield Park Drive was the last piece of municipal infrastructure the City of #Dartmouth built, opened March 22, 1996. A project completed by the City of Dartmouth for Dartmouthians, just one week before a municipal coup perpetrated by the Province of Nova Scotia that saw our infrastructure seized …(Read More)