Constitutional Framework: Reference Points

“The constitution” “unconstitutional”. Talking about these can easily turn one into a conspiracy theorist in the eyes of others, what is Nova Scotia’s constitutional framework? People typically think of the Constitution Act of 1982 aka the Charter ( Or the BNA Act of 1867 (…/constit…/lawreg-loireg/p1t11.html), but many do not consider …(Read More)


“For communities that consolidated services, overall expenditures increased in some circumstances and expenditure reductions were only associated with one service: capacity management.” From: “A longitudinal analysis of the effects of service consolidation on local government expenditures”, Craig S Maher, Public Administration Quarterly Vol. 39, No. 3 (FALL 2015), pp. 393-425

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“The removal of one’s ‘own’ municipality can be hard to accept, especially if this region does not seem to be facing any immediate economic threats and the merger is justified only by using vague arguments such as abstract neo-liberal rhetoric of competitiveness. Under these circumstances defensive resistance movements emerge.” “When …(Read More)