Reports of meetings held in the province of Nova Scotia, to consider a repeal of the “British North America Act, 1867”

At a meeting of the Members of the House of Assembly, in the Assembly Room, in the Provincial Building at Halifax, on the 7th day of November, 1867, the following Declaration was unanimously agreed to, and ordered to be published:— We, the representatives of Nova Scotia, having assembled for the …(Read More)


“Halifax staff recommend nearly 3 per cent hike to property taxes” To pay for a CFL stadium? To pay for smoking police? To pay for suburban and exurban sprawl? It certainly isn’t to pay for TD Bank’s “sponsorship” of North End Dartmouth’s library. Remember, Dartmouth, “Halifax” is nothing more than …(Read More)

Post-glacial climate change and its effect on a shallow dimictic lake in Nova Scotia, Canada

This study of a lake in Lunenburg County gives us a good idea of Nova Scotia’s historical climate, vegetation and habitation potential since the last Ice Age, and the animation below illustrates the concepts in the following paper abstract. Abstract: A high-resolution, multi-proxy lake sediment record was used to establish …(Read More)

Laurence V. Patterson

Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Meager J in 1900, in regards to Dillon on Municipalities; utilizing American case law in regards to Nova Scotian municipalities, noting the parallels between the municipal situations in both jurisdictions (and their differences as constituted through their particular charters, enabling legislation) Cases Argued and Determined …(Read More)

Dartmouth’s Legislative History

1758-1800: Dartmouth Town, Act to enable the inhabitants of the Town Plot to use and occupy the common field as they may think fit, 1789 c6(see P&L Acts of 1851, page 128) To extend Act respecting Guns and Firearms to (Dartmouth), 1793 c12 To appoint Trustees for the (Dartmouth) …(Read More)

Old Ferry Road

Here is one of, if not the earliest plan available showing Old Ferry Road, which became the Lawrencetown Road. Now, Old Ferry Road, Portland Street and Cole Harbour Road.These surveys offer a lot of information and they’re surprisingly accurate!

The Opposite Shore Called Dartmouth

Part of the Town & Harbour of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Looking down George Street to the Opposite Shore Called Dartmouth (1759, Mason, James, 1710-c.1783) One distinct record from the year of 1759 survives:“Mrs. Mary Clark, whose house and garden stood at the southeast corner of the present Portland …(Read More)