This page and this effort are not about turning a profit, partisan fortunes, “sponsors” or giving politicians a platform. We’re not here to capitalize on Dartmouth’s name to sell some t-shirts, artisanal vacation packages; or to build a brand on the backs of the citizens who had their City stolen …(Read More)

Recipe for disaster

“If you want to destroy any organization, you destroy it from within, from without, then you convince everybody that you’re doing the right thing” – Retired Adm. William McRaven

World Quaker Day

Did you know today is #WorldQuakerDay? Did you know there are still practicing Quakers? Quakers work for peace and justice, stronger communities and greener policy in their communities – we think those are universal Dartmouthian values too, and for a reason! Easily dismissed as relics of the 18th century or …(Read More)

Law & Order

…rests upon all of us to uphold. Our system of government, its makeup; our safety and happiness are all interrelated. We shed our constitutional heritage at our own peril; here in Nova Scotia, a daily occurrence with our 37% supermajorities and without a written Provincial Constitution to restrain their partisan …(Read More)


Town of Annapolis Royal, Population 491.Town of Lockeport, Population 531.Town of Mulgrave, Population 722.Town of Clark’s Harbour, Population 758. Amherst, Antigonish, Berwick, Bridgewater, Digby, Kentville, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Middleton, New Glasgow, Oxford, Pictou, Port Hawkesbury, Shelburne, Stellarton, Stewiacke, Trenton, Truro, Westville, Windsor, Wolfville and Yarmouth. 97,495 people in all, in …(Read More)


“For communities that consolidated services, overall expenditures increased in some circumstances and expenditure reductions were only associated with one service: capacity management.” From: “A longitudinal analysis of the effects of service consolidation on local government expenditures”, Craig S Maher, Public Administration Quarterly Vol. 39, No. 3 (FALL 2015), pp. 393-425

File under Dictatorship

“The removal of one’s ‘own’ municipality can be hard to accept, especially if this region does not seem to be facing any immediate economic threats and the merger is justified only by using vague arguments such as abstract neo-liberal rhetoric of competitiveness. Under these circumstances defensive resistance movements emerge.” “When …(Read More)